Sunday, June 24, 2007

An Apple A Day

Mom, Apple Pie, Red White and Blue, with the 4th of July what could be more patriotic than that eh?

Oh, about those apples, eat 'em if you got 'em, apparently they're going to be coming from China pretty soon. Which makes great sense, given the impending devastating effects of global warming, for us to import a product like apples that we grow in abundance here already, right? Right!!!??

That's the thrust from this AP article. Needless to say, I will not be buying apples from China to further that insanity. But of course, since corporations are involved, they start with a less redily defined product, apple concentrate. Used to sweeten processed foods, make juice and jelly and pies and lord knows what all else.

Questions come to mind regarding this. In light of the melamine scare, what assurances are there that the concentrate from China is any safer than the feed and wheat gluten coming from China?

How would I know where the concentrate is coming from?

And most importantly, who really is profiting from these imports from China? Because that seems the critical question. China didn't just decide to flood our markets with apples and apple products, now did they? Increase their apple production 400 percent in 10 years or so? This sounds awfully a lot like another offshoot of the glories of Wal Mart driving prices down with no consideration of the consequences long term.

Buying locally is what we need to do, is part of the solution to not just Global Warming, but impending energy and food crisis-if all of our corn goes to ethanol production, what is Kellogs going to make Corn Flakes out of, or where are our corn bread and corn tortillas going to come from?

[T]he prospect of China flooding the U.S. market with their fresh apples -- an event many believe is inevitable, even if it could be years away. That is the problem, why is such a thing inevitable? Well, so long as all of the costs are not factored into the economic decisions of corporations and governments, maybe so. Who champions us against these inevitable and inaccurate economic assumptions and events? That's who we need to pressure.

Who are the many in the article who think it inevitable, I have to wonder, big corporations unconcerned with the harm this sort of globalization causes, like Wal Mart, the Chinese, who? Let's figure out that answer, then maybe we can start having an effect on Global Warming and Big Oil, Big Corporations.

Maybe the guy I heard on the SPAN this morning, John Perkins, has some answers on who "They" are?.


Seven of Six said...

Duckman, My cousin has a nice B & B in Julian. Julian has some good ole apple pie, for sure.

I'm gonna have to read me some of Perkins.

Did I ever tell you I used to live in El Cajon. The famous Grossmont Motel, nasty place. Until I finished building an Apt. complex off Murry. I moved up quick on that job, to assistant project manager. My main job was getting the project manager out of the bar accross the street.

You take care my friend.

Seven of Six said...

I sure the Apt. complex I moved into was off Mollison and Greenfield. Oh well, that was late '70's stuff.