Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here's irony for ya

This perfectly describes the Bush disconnect from reality:

"You can't be the president and the head of the military at the same time," Bush said Wednesday

Four to five days seems to be about the standard Bush reaction time, gives time for the corporations or the Saudi's or whoever is benefiting from the situation to take care of immediate needs before the Worst President Ever opens his yap. And to be clear, he's the Worst President Ever because he does nothing that satisfies the job description, unless they've slipped corporations all over the place into the Constitution, via some signing statement.

I was watching some show about Reagan's assassination attempt, the medical surgery aspect of it. Reagan, whose nearly every policy was wrong in the long run for this country, was at the least, a leader who recognized his responsibilities. Why, on the day he was shot he was giving a speech at an AFL-CIO convention, can you imagine Bush doing that?

No, I'll say it again, Bush was set up to destroy our government, and aided by stupid Democrats who still think he's an American interested in the fate of our country, who can't imagine that Bush/Cheney doesn't care about people or the nation, that is just exactly what he's done.

Look at Katrina. Look at Iraq. Look at the State Department, backlogged and undermanned, forcing people to work in Iraq because they don't have the bodies to do the job. Look at the Army's stop-loss policies. Look at the Justice Department. Look at Lurita Doan's GSA. Look at the Defense Department. Look at the Budget deficits. Look at the wage gap. Look at how the Veterans are treated.

See any improvements anywhere?

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