Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Insanity

Or is it hysteria?

Christ, if it weren't so complicating for the general election, the hate that the bloggers on the left spew against Hillary Clinton would be amusingly pathetic.

Well, it is pretty sorry, I have to say.

You would think that the presidency of Bill Clinton was the worst presidency ever until Bush came along, that nothing good was accomplished during the eight years of Bill Clinton's administration at all. That Haiti started moving towards some kind of normalcy until the GOP Congress screwed that all up, that never happened.

Something about budget surplusses, I guess that never happend, and taxing the rich, that never happened either.

That peace deal between Israel and Palestine, that never happened either, or that an Israeli NEO-CON lunatic idiot sabotaged that deal as well.

Never bailed out our southern neighbor and made a profit in the process, that didn't happen, nope.

Oh yes, there was NAFTA, but the Republican Congress keeping the critical side deals on labor and the environment from getting properly made, that never happened either.

Well, you get my drift.

Personally, I don't think he's suitable for the job because I don't think he's got the experience. Being President is as far as you can get from being a precinct organizer, and being an agent for some amorphus change isn't experience or reality. If he wins the nomination, well, he'll have proved he's got some chops, then it will be up to all Democrats to get him elected, up to all Democrats to put pressure on him to be the progressive agent of change you all think he is.

Frankly, all this talk about working with Republicans casts serious doubt on his chops as far as I'm concerned, but time will tell.

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