Monday, April 28, 2008

Blackwater Connections

You all know how the fine people of Potrero defeated Blackwater in their attempt to establish a mercenary/police training camp in San Diego's back country, right?

Of course that was just another battle, now they have a new one, an indoor shooting gallery in Otay Mesa. This time they don't have an outraged community, environmentalists, and Native Americans to contend with, just the usual suspects of liberals and Democrats like Bob Filner and Raymond Lutz.

Filner: "This is a very sensitive area when it comes to human and civil rights. We don't need people who have no regard for human and civil rights to be part of that enforcement. It's dangerous, literally, to the lives of my constituents."

People who don't think that a corrupt, irresponsible, and unaccountable corporation enriched by the blood money of the Bush Administration and their illegal war in Iraq should be training our military, or using their position in an effort to privitize border security.

But that is their goal, and has been for a while. But what makes this even more interesting, is that in the process of keeping under the radar for this indoor training center, using front companies (that's one heckuva web site there, Shoaib) and the like, some strange and troubling connections are emerging.

It would appear that Blackwater is in bed with some folks from Pakistan, our great ally in the great war on terror, or not. Gopper loving Pakistani's who also operate in Saudi Arabia with our good friends the 16 out of 19 hijackers (maybe) Saudi's. Isn't that a great combination, the terrorist progenitor Saudi's and the Obama sheltering, A-Bomb exporting Pakistani's?

So there will be more to see here as this newest battle unfolds. Blackwater wants a piece of the border action. There's money to be made, oversight is limited, Boeing made $20 million(?) for off the shelf crap that didn't work, and Iraq/Afghanistan will give them plenty of practice and an opportunity to work out any bugs in their operation. Look at the specifics in that Army contract.

Blackwater has airships, Brown Field is an Airfield, and the contract tasks are perfectly suited to Blackwater.

A third "sample" task order requires the contractor to develop a program to train border police in Afghanistan to guard crossings, prevent the flow of contraband, and search people and vehicles...

As the work statement in the request noted: "Due to the rapid adaptability of the counter-narcoterrorist threat, special federal government spending authorities are available

They're going to fight for this one tooth and nail, a lot harder than they did in Potrero because this is too much up their alley, and given their corruption, could be profitable beyond belief. If the CIA could start the crack cocaine epidemic in the US to support Ronald Reagan's precious Contra's, what would Blackwater do just for money?


Vox Populi said...

Have you SEEN some of these people?

LIZARD WEIRD as majikthise put it.
I live in a military base town. Tampa FL. Once we were driving down the road and saw this black paw on a rear window which also happens to signify a local highschool. hmmmmm. Buncha nazi's kids go there. I mean, the community elite.

Anyway, as anyone who reads me knows -- I do A LOT of videotaping and photogging of these freaks taking over my community. Only here no one is fighting them. AT ALL.
We are not constituents. Not that I've noticed. We're just those people who are easy to ignore.
ANYWAY !! (lol)
I started video-ing the back of the SUV(naturally a BIG SUV) and then before the guy could even see that I was taping or taking pictures he turned to me and I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone actually portray stupidity, evil and MEAN better. Just one big mean, icky face. Blank.

It was pretty freaky but I got some good video.
He was right by the base so I think these guys work pretty closely together in and out of the closet.
Oh I might as well add this and hope it's not taken the wrong way:
He very much reminded me of some folks I"ve seen from out in the back country who would make those big potato shooters only you could tell they wished they were shooting like firebombs or something.
Kept pigs and were generally pretty mean folks who understood the value of a dollar.

Seven of Six said...

Isn't that a great combination, the terrorist progenitor Saudi's and the Obama sheltering, A-Bomb exporting Pakistani's?

Please, tell me that's a typo Duckman?

BTW, a bunch of us have taking refuge, Low and Left Part Deux

Duckman GR said...

Seven, yes, typo all the way. Just shows the perniciousness of the gopper thug propaganda machine that my tired brain would put that in there.