Monday, February 23, 2009

Reality Visits Via the Polls

Well, fresh from yesterday's exposure of the teevee media's failings on the stimulus, today the internets gave me this shocker.

Most Americans support Obama's economic plan: polls

In the New York Times/CBS poll, about 75 percent of respondents, including 61 percent of Republicans said Obama has been trying to work with Republicans.

Sixty-three percent said Republican opposed the economic stimulus package for political reasons rather than policy concerns.

Eighty percent of Americans think Republicans should work in a bipartisan way rather than holding fast to their policies, according to the poll.

I highlighted that last point for further review. 80 percent think the Republicans should work to solve our problems instead of marching in lockstep to the failed corporate policies of Rover and Grover and Limbaugh. That number astounds me. And it really tells you how far removed from what people think they should be doing they are.

Those goppers that think they have a chance beating someone like Chris Dodd really don't have a clue. 80 percent tells me a lot about how far the republicans are from the levers of power.

Now that President Obama has broken the gop block, sure, they think it's intact, but it isn't, and every day, like today, the cracks are going to get bigger.

Obama made a point of inviting some of his rivals and harshest critics, using the White House to set up a framework for negotiations outside Congress.

Meeting with the group of about 130 after they'd spent the afternoon discussing federal spending, the president called first on Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., his Republican opponent for the presidency in last November's election.

He's just killing them and they're too self absorbed to even notice.

Mind you, I don't want republican ideas, but I suppose real, as opposed to contrived, concern about wasteful spending is okay, I really don't want republicans until they repudiate their fascist past 8 years and cooperate in jailing BushCo luminaries, just getting them to move out of the way is my idea of bipartisanship at this point, but it is nice to see that America is waking up to the reality of the GOP. Maybe they can force them to act like republicans instead of fascists and narcissists now, that would be nice.


muckdog said...

I believe that the American people have elected who they want to represent them. The stimulus bill passed. You did get enough GOP votes to get it through.

In California, Obama's $65/mo. tax cut is going to help pay for Arnold's $75/mo. tax hike.

Obama's energy policy is lame. Energy guru Charlie Maxwell doubts that the country will be getting much more than 5% from solar and wind combined 20 years from now. Read the link.

So a lot of Obama's stimulus package will eventually go to OPEC and oil companies.

Anonymous said...

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