Wednesday, November 8, 2006

First post

Reprinting this first post on the new formated Blog. It's a winner, it's a keeper, well, it's the first one anyway!

Okay, today is my first post. It'll be short and sweet.

Victory goes to the NETROOTS, not to CW, DLC, Mods and Sods, not to Rahm or Billary or Art Torres or the liberal media, not to money, not to calculation or triangulation or any myriad of bullshit slogans designed to marginalize progressives and grassroots.

Nope, the PEOPLE made this happen, people sick of the games and lies and thuggery and preening and self promotion.This is a victory for America. And the work has just begun. No vacations to savor a primary victory, or to wait until we get our people sworn in, no, the work starts RFN!!!


phidipides said...

Congratulations on your new blog! It's quack-a-riffic!

Yes, the people made it happen. Dean had a hand in it with his 50 states strategy. Actively courting every vote in every district is a no-brainer. Empowering people to control their political destiny, whether net-roots, 50 state, or other strategy, is the key to the success of the Democratics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Duckman. Im am thrilled to see you now have your own shop. This visit will certainly not be my last.

Dwight Meredith