Friday, November 24, 2006

Pay for that Turkey Day Feast

Greetings this Friday after Thanksgiving, and here's hoping that everyone had a fine and rewarding day.

The Duck household had a nice day, a small gathering at my place, with all the fixings, prepared by yours truly, oven roasted turkey, BBQ turkey, breaded and stuffed turkey tenderloins, mashed pots, bread stuffing, organic salad, pies (bought from Mama's Kitchen), no poor brutalized duck on this menu, I'll tell ya!

I did much of the prep work all week, making stock from turkey thighs, chopping celery and onions, drying and chopping bread for the stuffing, making some salad dressing, washing the china and so on, so that all I had to do on Thursday was put stuff in the oven, make the gravy, and set the table.

But that was yesterday, nothing left but the leftovers, now it's time to get back on the progressive train and root out the darkness at the heart of the gop, one seat at a time.

For too long the Democratic Party operated in defiance of its basic charter, using trickle down economics, big donors at the top spreading their largesse like a Yosemite waterfall (the dream or the reality), to the detriment of the foundation of the party. November 7th put that stupid idea to rest for the moment. Now is the time to continue to build and support the local grassroots, like East County United, local Democratic Clubs like the East County Democratic Club, your County Central Committee, because just like my Thanksgiving, dollars spent now go a lot farther than dollars spent two weeks before an election on another stinking teevee ad.

We had unprecedented action in the East County thanks to these groups, from volunteers to run against Duncan Hunter, to school board races, to increased Democratic turnout. Here's an e-mail I received from ECU, with my highlights, to illustrate the point.

Dear East County United Members & Friends:

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful to more than 100 donors who helped East County United attain success in our first few months in operation—including several generous donations that enabled us to produce radio ads and staff an office with an army of volunteers who called voters and walked precincts in the final weeks before the election. Your efforts helped turn the tide by getting progressive voters to the polls, sweeping some statewide candidates into office by narrow margins – including Debra Bowen, our new Secretary of State who has vowed to clean up California elections, and John Garamendi, newly elected Lieutenant Governor.

So when you're doing your Seasonal Shopping, do a little for your community, send an equivalent cup of Starbucks or something to your local grassroot groups, it'll last more than a day, and truly help you and yours.


iamcoyote said...

You are so right, Ducky, build up the local party and the national party will automatically be strengthened. That's why I backed Dean's 50 state strategy. The 'pukes have a 20 year head start in that department, but luckily, a majority of the center isn't as extreme as the neocons are, and they're just now realizing it. Nice post.

And boy, you sure went all out. Sounds like a delicious gourmet feast. You must put up recipes posthaste! Especially the stuffed tenderloins. Sounds yummy.

Duckman GR said...


Oy. Seeing as how I'm one of those make it up as I go along types, I'll see what I can do! Thanks!