Monday, March 5, 2007

Congressional Questions-Democratic Version

Okay, to be honest, other than wanting to know why they're such greedy and feckless Bush lickers, there will be no Republican version, their answers lack the merest shred of credibility. But I want to know, having heard some blather from Chuck Schumer this morning, a few things. First, the gist of the offending comment:

In a letter Sunday to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., asked for an independent commission, possibly headed by former Secretary of State Colin Powell, to investigate all post-combat medical facilities and recommend changes.

Why do you need an independent investigation?
Aren't your values good enough?
Aren't you capable enough?
Do you lack the integrity necessary to conduct an investigation, as demonstrated by continually running for bi-partisan cover instead of standing on your own?
Are you afraid of what the "Press" is going to say about you?
Afraid they might question your patriotism?
Afraid they might label your actions as "political and partisan" even though the American People want to know the answers and do not support this war or the Bush administration and don't believe them and their lies any longer?
Do you enjoy the taste of Colin Powell's spew that much, the same spew he gave you with his pre-war WMD testimony, that you would invite him to head your investigation, not just be apart of it, but HEAD it?

These are just a few of the question I have for the Democratic LEADERSHIP, and they're all pretty much centered on the central question that keeps swirling around my head, around the blogosphere, around the water coolers and kitchen tables and talk radio's and anywhere else people congregate, namely,


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