Tuesday, March 6, 2007

US Attorney's Firing Linked to Bill Clinton

Yes, I heard it on C-SPAN so it must be true. Granted, it was a caller on the Republican line, so there's a chance that some mis-information may be involved. But at any rate, we have one of the talking points that justifies yet again the Bush adminstration putting their power grab over the priorities of the Country.

You see, Clinton fired all 93, count 'em, 93, US Attorney's when he came into office. Sure, after twelve years of Reagan and Bush, that seems reasonable, and given that new administrations always ask for the resignations of ALL political appointees, that seems like standard procedure, but not to the faithful, oh no.

The writer from the Legal Times, Jason McClure, who was taking questions with Rob did not really respond to that call, or a later one that pointed out the routine nature of Clinton's firings, didn't mention that in respect to mid-term firings, 3 since 1980 or so, these were unprecedented, in fact he sorta went out of his way to defend Bush pointing out that he kept some US Attorney's without acknowledging that, yes, incoming Presidents ask for the resignations of all political appointees, whether they accept them or not or that after 12 years under one party there aren't going to be much that a supposed outsider is going to want to keep.

No, it's just all Bill Clinton's fault, don't you know anything? He had an unauthorized blow job in the White House! Better he got it across the street in the park I suppose.

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