Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blackwater Opposition Grows

Jeremy Scahill is in San Diego talking up his book about Blackwater, and he'll be in La Mesa tonight at the joint La Mesa Foothills/East County Democratic Club meeting talking some more.

Even though the State Convention failed to pass a resolution opposing Blackwater and any other private armies from building in California, the subject is on the floor, and will be discussed at the LA County Democratic Central Committee meeting coming up in a few weeks.

From Scahill's Tuesday talk, consider this report from the UT, my bolds throughout.

Scahill told the audience that Blackwater is one of 180 private corporations working in Iraq, making this conflict the most privatized war in the nation's history.

“When the Bush administration failed to build a coalition of willing nations, they built a coalition of billing corporations,” he said.

Despite the increasing opposition to Blackwater's plans, Gordon Hammers, chairman of the Potrero planning group, said he is even more convinced that the training center will be good for the community of about 850 people.

In December, the Potrero planning group voted 7-0 for preliminary approval of Blackwater's plans. Since then, opposition to the project has intensified. More than 360 residents have signed a petition opposing the training center.

Nearly half the town oppose the mercenary camp, yet one guy with money thinks it'll be great for the town. Most likely because what's good for Gordon is good for Potrero. That's how conservatives think. Hopefully Hammers will walk the walk, and move to as close to the camp as possible so he can experience firsthand all the goodness a bunch of mercenaries shooting guns and driving defensive training courses and helicopter assaults and night operations can provide.

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Seven of Six said...

Hey Duckman, I thought I would let you know my brother in law who works for Blackwater, got injured in Iraq. He was heading to this bunker went the rocket went off.
Almost tore his eyelid off and did tear his cornea off. Came back to the states yesterday for further specialized surgery, after initially being sent to Germany for treatment.
I'll keep you updated on how Blackwater treats him.