Friday, May 18, 2007

Immigration, Some Deal

Just pretend that you, dear readers, are told that you can keep your job, that doesn't pay all that great and has no real advancement opportunity, but you'll have to pay "the man" 8 grand in fees and fines, and you have to leave the job after 2 years and sit out for a year before you can go back to work.

But the incentive is that you'll get to vote against the GOP 5, 10, or more, years down the line, get to pay income tax, and so on.

Never mind any of the other provisions in the bill, tell me how that part of it is going to work?

Because immigrants and illegals aren't here to get citizenship, they're here to work, because their own countries are so fucked up they can't get decent jobs there.

Whatever your feelings about illegal immigration, and the Democrats misread the anger a lot of people have towards illegal immigrants, its real and very palpable, I know, I'm living and working in the middle of it, until the problems that drive these people to look for work here are addressed, no ridiculously convoluted immigration bill is going to work. Enforcing laws on the employers isn't going to fix it, building bigger fences isn't going to fix it. Getting Mexico to get their shit together and create decent jobs and opportunities there, will fix it to a large part.

Until then, I expect to see Democrats get beat up over championing decency and fair treatment for illegal workers in this country ad nauseum.


nic danger said...

sorry this is totally off topic,but was just watching the news and WTF am i hearing about someplace called "covert canyon" in alpine.built and operated with no permits.automatic weapons fire,freekin helicopters taking off and landing.people are out fighting against a simular place in Potrero,and there is already one operating out there in east county. and thecounty clown they interview says,well there have to be complaints,or we have to "drive by" and see for ourselves before we can do anything.bullshit. i'm so mad now i could break something....ok,sorry for the rant,but really needed to get that off my chest...

Duckman GR said...

Well, since the supervisor for the district found out about it, from the East County Dems, she's putting a stop to Covert Canyon, for now.