Sunday, December 3, 2006

Frightened Little Men

To show you how stupid the neo-cons are, and how untouched by reality they remain, I give you duck slanderer, Fred Barnes.

Not only does Barnes hate democracy, he's scared to death of it, and would welcome a dictatorship to protect him from his demons.

He offers ways the President can go unilateral and totally ignore Congress, now that they will no longer be a willing tool for his incompetence and insanity. To wit,

Stop earmarks. ... Without a line-item veto, the president can't single out earmarks for destruction. What he could do, however, is announce that he will veto any appropriations bill that contains earmarks. Congress would squeal, but it would probably back down if Bush stuck to his guns.

Why would Congress squeal, and why on earth would they back down? Quack, oy, what, because Bush is so powerful now? Quack, they give me a headache, they do!!!

Apply the Kennedy model to North Korea. ... "It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union," Kennedy declared in 1962. Bush could update this with Kim Jong Il, telling him if a rogue nuke hits the United States or its allies, the United States will hit North Korea. That should deter him.

What, Fred, we weren't going to retaliate if a "rogue" nuke hit the US or allies? Jeebus, what thinking went into this nonsense, and what moronic editor let it get printed? Oh, never mind, Barnes is the executive editor

And lastly, and most disgustingly,

A final gift to the world. [WTF??-ed] As Bush is leaving office in January 2009, he could implement the military option and take out all of Iran's nuclear facilities. The world would be aghast--but also relieved and, without admitting it, enormously grateful. The new president would have one less crisis to deal with. So would the United Nations. Terrorists might respond, but we could brace for that. Anything they did would pale next to a nuclear attack by Iran.

That's some gift to the world, Barnes. War, death, destruction, pestilence, hatred, suicide bombs, anarchy, and more death. That people like Barnes are listened to is a true indicator of how sick are country has become. That this pathetic coward writes that President Bush should bomb Iran without provocation or authorization simply defies my comprehension of how wrong one man can be. War is diplomacy by other means, or it's the failure of diplomacy; one is spin, the other ugly reality. When the purpose of a State is to preserve its people and the State itself, waging war, with its concomitant loss of life and property, is clearly a failure of some sort, and to put forth such a repugnant proposal exposes the abyss of morality that is the conservatives of the republican party.

The punditry has long told the Democrats what to do to heal themselves, they now try to spin bi-partisanship as a pancetta to salve the nations wounds, but the truth is that the Democrats are not, and were not, the sick party. Barnes should be denounced by responsible and legitimate Republicans for letting such filth see the light of day, the absense of such denunciation tells us all we need to know about the values of Republicans like McCain and Romney and Bush and Hastert and Boehner et al.


iamcoyote said...

This is just insane, what is wrong with these people? Number one, don't give chimpy any ideas; number two, does anyone understand the concept of fallout anymore?

Seven of Six said...

Oh shit...we lost Iraq! Let's blow up the freaking world! That will solve bu$h'$ problems and leave a lasting legacy!