Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reality Intrusion on Immigration Debate

I haven't been following the Swift packing plant raids, too busy working 2 jobs this holiday season, but we have our own immigration follies here in San Diego. Recall that the Escondido City Council passed an ordinance banning housing rentals to illegal imigrants, and making the landlords responsible for, essentially, the enforcement.

Well, the City Council has reversed itself because they couldn't, and in a bit of civic reasonableness, realized (I hope) that they shouldn't be carrying the burden for the Federal Government. So it's back to the drawing boards for Marie Waldron and the anti-immigrant groups to ban illegal immigration.

(Note this bit from the article, and a reader comment. See any similarities to anyone we know?)

The two don't always agree, [Gallo] said. But Waldron has earned his respect, in part, because she never wavers from her stance."She's not going to do things just because people want to hear it," Gallo said. "And in her mind, she's going to do what she thinks is right."

That's a Problem wrote on Oct 17, 2006 7:06 AM:"Gallo hit the nail on the head. Marie Waldron is "going to do what she what she thinks is right". That's a Problem. Council Members are here to do what the citizens of Escondido want. Council Members are here to represent the people and listen to the voices of the people. Noone was screaming about illegal immigration until she opened up the conversation because what she believes. ... . And now, we have a huge mess! Personally, I think she is full of herself."

Illegal immigration is a problem, but you can't fix it by locking up or deporting the illegals, that's just a bandaid, as is building a stupid Halliboondoggle fence for the benefit of KBR and Co (only bigger). We need something that addresses the fact that there's some 10 million people living and working illegally in this country, and no amount of prohibition is going to stop them from coming here and working here.

Digby has the straight dope on the Swift Raids here, as usual, I agree, it's not anything but fear mongering and lies and the usual cowardice by frightened elitists and wannabe's abusing other people for their own gain. Values party indeed.

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iamcoyote said...

In one account of the raids, I read that the "authorities" separated the light-skinned people from the dark, even if they were US citizens. It took me a while, but I remember hearing that same method of herding people toward busses in NOLA during the Katrina disaster. Homeland Security, again... I think digby's hit the nail on the head - this kind of stuff is red meat for Bush's non-religious followers, the angry racists who love the admin's overt pandering to their view of how the world should be. Merging two major issues for the base, immigration and identity theft, makes for one powerful bogeyman to focus the bedwetter crowd.