Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Pardon Legacy-Bush II

Good to see everybody has their thinking caps on!

I couldn't help but think as CNBC was extolling Ford and his legacy, how putting the long national nightmare (Nixon presidency? Nixon political career? The two years we'd had of Watergate as opposed to, oh, I don't know, ten years of death and destruction in Vietnam?) behind us only served to cover up the bleeding sore of republican malfeasance, and of course, allowed it to continue to happen.

It happened during Reagan, it happened during Bush I,
Bush also deftly handled the S&L scandal, signing a bill to bail out countless fraudulent Texan savings and loan corporations, including (at a cost of $1 billion) Silverado S&L, whose board, led by brother Neil, loaned Neil's partners in JNB Exploration $132 million, which they never repaid. George denied any connection, just as he claimed to have no idea that Manuel Noriega, whom he met as early as 1976 (the year that Noriega began receiving $110,000/year from the CIA) was involved in illicit drug dealing...

It happened during the Gopper Congressional Interregnum, it certainly happened during Bush II.

So who did benefit from the pardon, exactly?

Nixon's pardon, no matter how decent the media tells us Gerald Ford was, and they'll be telling us that for a good week, but that pardon was just a cover-up, and a continuation of the business as usual that marks the parasitic relationship of the MSM and the wholly owned corporation called the Republican Party.

If Nixon had really gone to trial, all sorts or corporate "business" was in danger of being exposed during the trial and investigation, and that could not be tolerated by the Corpse, even the risk, however unrelated to Watergate and Nixon's paranoid actions, that they might be exposed in the process. And with vermin like Cheney and Rum Drunk and Bush I right in the middle of the Nixon Administration, there were plenty of people who would benefit from a pardon in the long run.

Not the American People, mind you, but the Beltway crowd, the K streeters, the Gopper insiders, the Wall Street fat cats. And benefit they have, thanks in no small measure to Ford's pardon of Nixon. So sleep well, Gerald Ford, sleep well.


iamcoyote said...

Exactly! Well put, I might add.

And those a-holes are still benefitting and attempting to give cover to the next generation of evil. I really really hope the dems can pull it together and get some investigations going, I won't pass judgement now on their ability to do it. But even though I'm not an Impeach Now person, it would be the best thing for the country and the world if these crooks are impeached and run out of town on a rail.

Seven of Six said...

Good gawd MSM, when will the pontificating end! What an embarrassment.

The 80's were when my disdain for the bu$h'$ became very apparent. The S&L scandal was humongous but got very little play when daddy bu$h was up for election.
The last straw was when daddy bu$h denied knowing Noriega. The next day a '79' photo was produced in the Tropic Times, a bi-weekly newspaper published in the Canal Zone, showing bu$h sr. and Noriega shaking hands.
The invasion wasn't to much longer after that.
Sure am glad I was Ray-gun's and bu$h'$ pawn.

Really, it was only for the college money and traveling.

Duckman GR said...

Sometimes those pawns becomes Kings, you know.

i.m.small said...


Lord, every lawyer to a man
(And woman, I suppose)
Let take a cue from Pakistan
Judicially as those

That there did struggle for the rule
Of law before one man´s;
So let us emulate--but who´ll
Likewise break stupor´s trance?

Now is the time for taking suit
Of those who gave the orders
Or tacitly permitted: brute
Their deeds have had recorders.

None ought to be proclaimed exempt
By virtue of his standing--
How Cheney drips with his contempt,
Or Rumsfeld, "free" from branding.

Even most popular of all
Executives be held
Accountable--held to the wall
So I might add, dispelled

All semblance of immunity
Based upon holding office:
Laws have been broken, this we see,
Which not a thing to scoff is.

Nor even retroactive make
Exemption for complicit
Parties--such firms as dared laws break
So let the laws revisit.

Democracy demands fair law
So Gerald Ford was wrong
Pardoning Nixon: cretins saw,
Emboldened and made strong.

Cheney averred, whatever action
A president committed
Was thereby lawful--his attraction
Since Nixon was acquitted

De facto to the spoils of power--
Jurists, and men of law
(Women too), let now come the hour
To strike malfeasance raw.