Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Answering "Starving the Troops"

C-SPAN had the Senators behind the ethics bill on yesterday, and after their Q&A Senator Obama answered some Iraq questions, mainly, how does the Congress cut off Bush's war funding without shorting or starving or baring naked the troops in Iraq?

And he talked about that problem, basically that the Pentagon monies are fungible, but he didn't get to the root of the answer. I will.

As Commander-in-Chief, President Bush directs spending priorities for the Pentagon. Thus, if Congress cuts funding to the Pentagon with the express intent of forcing the President to face reality and start to withdraw our troops from the "broken eggs" of Iraq, and he ignores that desire or determination of Congress, then as the decider for spending on the troops, it is not the fault of Congress if the forces in Iraq are short changed of what they need, but it is the direct fault and responsibility of the President because of his, and his alone, spending decisions. He is the one who chose to not direct more monies towards Iraq at the expense of some other military spending need, his burden alone that did not fully fund his war, his choice to starve the troops to maintain funding elsewhere, yes, it will be George F W Bush who chose to deny the Will of Congress and the American People for whom he works amd left, nay, continued to leave, those brave and enduring American Men and Women in harms way simply to foster his own mighty man legacy and the wishes of the Corporate Oil and War Machine, not Congress, not the American Military, not the American People, no, George W Bush alone bears the blame.


Tom Bailey said...

This is an interesting point of view.


iamcoyote said...

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