Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Slow Ride to Impeachment

I guess I'm going to be flogging impeachment a lot, but hey, it's my blog, it's our future, who's going to stop me?

On C-SPAN thi morning was a re-run of discussion on Biden's committee about his non-binding resolution, and I couldn't help but go back to the days of Richard Nixon. I remember those days as a young, ignorant early-teen, fascinated by Nixon, and being mostly ignorant of politics I supported him. I can remember how Congress kept pushing him to give up his tapes, I can see the stacks of blue bound transcriptions, Congress telling him no, Mr. President, these redacted transcripts won't do, we want the tapes.

Until the Howard Bakers of the GOP got on board, though, his impeachment was quite uncertain. The Democrats just didn't seem to know what to do, how to deal with this jowled, dark man. So they just kept pounding away, holding hearings, peeling away the layers of corruption one crook at a time. Here's a link to some Watergate Testimony, note that the 1st witness, Mr Bittman, actually answered questions, also note that Mssrs. Conyers and Rangel were on that committee, and that Hillary D Rodham was on the staff.

I was struck by Sen. Lugar's comments that I heard this morning, how he thinks Bush is wrong with his faux surge, but he won't support the non-binding resolution.

"It is unclear to me how passing a nonbinding resolution that the president has already said he will ignore will contribute to any improvement or modification in our Iraq policy," Lugar, R-Ind., said Wednesday.

Well, Senator, the only way we're going to get an improvement, as you note ipso facto, is by replacing the decider.

Watergate took months, this mess is going to take a while too, a non binding resolution that shows the president as unrepenatent and deaf to the wishes of the people and their congress is just one of those steps we need to take. It's a kabuki dance, and we have to go thru the motions, because people like Lugar are too frightened and too entrenched in their thinking, to move quickly. And while we all want Bush and Cheney and the rest of their rotten crew impeached yesterday, it ain't gonna happen that way. So we need to just keep up the pressure, protests, resolutions, letters, investigations. Whatever it takes.

And if Cheney is forced to resign because of the Libby trial, will Bush appoint that lying snake Rice as his VP? And will the Senate approve her? That would be show, I'm thinking!


iamcoyote said...

Exactly my thinking, Duckman. Just because I think impeachment should be off the table in the short term, I think, if it comes to that or hitting Iran, I have to hope the dems will stand up and impeach before the nukes fall. I would also just love love love Bush to try putting Rice in the VP slot, but I wouldn't be surprised if he chose Lieberman instead. After this weekend, he should be stripped of all his committee seats, the traitor. 'Course, his mush mouth is no surprise to anyone watching, I think.

MD Dem said...

The Repugs are in denial. It's fun to watch. Here's a preznit that has defied the voters and the Repugs know it. How do they get around it? They can't in a comfortable way so they spout words that make them seem like they are going to defy Bush without defying him. They've had six years of glory under this idiot. Times up. He'll continue to lie and people will continue to believe him, but less and less. Investigations will show that he and Darth Vader are crooks beyond our wildest dreams. Nixon will seem like a kindergartner. I believe Cheney will resign and soon. Putting Condi in as VP will only show how incompetent the Repugs really are. Her tenure has been one of failure in both positions.