Monday, January 15, 2007

On the Bright Side

Because the Chargers lost to the Patriots Sunday, Alex Spanos won't make any more money from the Chargers playing football this season.

They were the better team, they should have won the game handily, but they made way too many mistakes.

They had lots of chances early on to amend those mistakes, but they just made other mistakes, until there was no fixing it. And the opposition counter attacked a couple of times, taking advantage of those mistakes and scoring, and holding off a desparate long field goal at the end to win.

Sorta like Bush's pretend policy in Iraq (no, not the real one about controlling the oil for 30 years, looting some tens of billions from the US Treasury for non-Oil customers, and generally enriching their favored corparasites at our expense) except that it isn't a game there, and people die because of it.

A very disappointing football game nonetheless. Well, yet again, wait til next year.

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