Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Failure of Bush's Presidency-Iraq

I wasn't planning on commenting on this , but after re-reading this article from the NYT, how can a wholesale purging of Bush and his lackeys not be far behind?

Think about this: But the plan collided with Iraq’s ferocious unraveling, which took most of Mr. Bush’s war council by surprise. How could that have been a surprise, when everybody with a shred of integrity was predicting it? Not just lefty bloggeers, mind you, but generals and politicisan past and present.

Or this: senior officials said the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department had also failed to take seriously warnings, including some from its own ambassador in Baghdad, that sectarian violence could rip the country apart and turn Mr. Bush’s promise to “clear, hold and build” Iraqi neighborhoods and towns into an empty slogan. Why weren't they taking these warnings seriously, were they too busy playing politics, or too busy feathering the nests of their corporate buddies, perhaps?

This seems somewhat criminal, if you ask me: This year, decisions on a new strategy were clearly slowed by political calculations.

And while soldiers and civilians died because the Bush Administration did not know what they were doing in Iraq, did not the country, did not the geopolitics in any way, shape or form, it became ever clear that they didn't really care.

By May 2006, uneasy officials at the State Department and the National Security Council argued for a review of Iraq strategy. A meeting was convened at Camp David to consider those approaches, according to participants in the session, but Mr. Bush left early for a secret visit to Baghdad, where he reviewed the war plans with General Casey and Mr. Maliki, and met with the American pilot whose plane’s missiles killed Iraq’s Al Qaeda leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He returned to Washington in a buoyant mood.

The visit meant that the reconsideration of strategy was not as thorough as some officials hoped.

Because George W Bush snuck off in the dead of night to grandstand in Iraq, a full and complete review of the Iraq strategy was not completed.

And that pretty well sums it all up. Bush is only in it for what it looks like, and to further the clandestine aims of his corporate masters.

Oh, and did I mention, Bush lies a lot? The effort started in September, around the time Mr. Bush decided to oust Mr. Rumsfeld.

Athenae has it right. Worst. President. Ever.


MD DEM said...

I think Bush is mentally incompetent. This isn't, and hasn't been for a long time, about winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqis. This is about his legacy, his pocketbook and his buddy's pocketbooks. The last two are now in pretty good straights by my way of thinking. The first one he can't control because he cannot count on a Republican controlled congress to do his bidding anymmore. The man is mentally incompetent and its now showing through to many. Investigations will show how incompetent he really is.

iamcoyote said...

I dunno, he may be an antisocial personality, but that doesn't mean he's clinically insane. For his first term, I think he let Dick and Rummy do the driving. When he realized they crashed the car several times, but no one took the keys, he decided to take over himself, which is exactly what they wanted. Their bank accounts were padded nicely, now Bush can take the fall for the chaos of his presidency and they'll walk away richer and without the heat. Plus, they got to play their "neocon vs Iraqi" game in the hopes of dislodging their oil out from under Saddam. Pretty much got what they wanted, however it ends up, I think.

Duckman GR said...

Clinical,probably not. But behavioraly, I gotta say yes. They were showing Ford's funeral dressage on the News Hour, and the cameras kept showing the dignitaries, and there was Smirk, looking like a petulant child forced to dress up for Sunday School.

And then he spoke, reciting some half assed biography fit for a sixth grade report with a couple of big words tossed en passant to impress, and boyo, was I impressed, let me tell you.

Koresh, we're ruled by an idiot.

MD DEM said...

I just saw a headline on Raw Story about FOX, of all places, saying that Bush used cocaine on the air. Who knows whether to believe this or not, but seeing what has happened during the first six years, nothing would surprise me. The man is out of control because he doesn't know what to do. His lackeys are out of ideas in how to run the country and are basically bailing off the ship, or being bailed off. He needs to be put back somewhere where he can't hurt anyone. The guy doesn't know which way to turn because it's more important to look like you know what you're doing (which he doesn't) than know what you're doing. It will take a generation to fix the wrongs this man has created.