Saturday, January 6, 2007

It May be a Game but it's a Tough Business

I can see Tony Romo replaying that play in his mind over and over and over, with the same bad ending, and can only admire him for his honesty and integrity by showing up at the interview room to answer questions from the reporters. And as he said, he's going to be a long time in getting over it.

And what a play to review, from disaster, the dropped hold, to miraculous comeback, the goal line, hell the first down line in sight (I said to myself as he was running, "Self, he's going to score!") to sudden and shocking end as the desperate diving tackle from behind abruptly shattered the Cowboy's Super Bowl hopes.

I can remember screwing up at work, maybe not so spectacularly or finally, and it's no fun facing the music, but face it you must, and I can only give kudos to Bill Parcells and Terrell Owens and Tony Romo and whoever else went out to face the media (those 3 being the only ones they showed on teevee, alas on ESPN which is owned by ABC/Disney and which we have further actionable items to report here) for acting like adults and facing the press without rancor or undue defensiveness.

If only we had a President who acted that way, like a responsible adult, instead of a petulent and rotten bully.

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iamcoyote said...

I didn't watch, but a friend of mine was at the game; we should get a good rundown of the crowd from her. But I'm going to have to turn on the news today just to see that clip. Sounds like a nailbiter to me!