Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Abu Gonzales Tries to Make His Case

I saw this on the local news this evening, and here's the local cat box liner report. There's a few things to consider.

The chief complaint against Carol Lam was that she wasn't prosecuting border smuggling cases hard enough. That came from republican White House operatives better known as GOP Congressmen.

Now, suddenly, presto ho ha,

Federal authorities Wednesday arrested dozens of individuals across the country suspected of bringing 18 tons of illegal drugs into the United States, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales said in an afternoon news conference here.

Now, I ask you, this was a pretty far flung and complex investigation involving more than 100 agencies, foreign and domestic. It's pretty safe to say that this did not occur over the course of the time since Ms. Lam stepped down on Feb 15th, so it's also safe to say that the allegations against Carol Lam really don't hold any water. Which brings us back around to finding out why she and the other US Attorneys were replaced.

As Josh Marshall is reporting, it stinks of politics, and it appears that the Democrats are sinking their teeth into this one. Having Gonzales announcing the arrests here in San Diego is another indication the gopper thugs are feeling some heat from this effort to protect the GOP from more damaging investigations and convictions, Jerry Lewis and John Doolittle and Virgil Goode. But that guy is like kryptonite to humanity, and it doesn't sound like it's working much.

Again, the chief complaint against Lam was her supposed reluctnace to prosecute smugglers at the border. But this big drug bust makes those charges demonstrably false, which means that there is a criminal conspiracy being conducted to cover-up the real reason for her dismissal. And really, we all know what that is, we just need to prove it.


iamcoyote said...

Josh and TPM have been just amazing lately, what with the Iglasias firing and now the story about the DC madam willing to sell her client list. Talk about muckraking!

Duckman GR said...

There's a lot of muck to rake with these bastards!

It seems like veterans have been complaining about their care forever, it's like hospital food, it's always bad, but usually survivable.

But since they made no provisions for casualties from Iraq, it just gets worse and worse for the troops.