Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anger at Catholic Church Justified

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Just wanted to point out something in relation to the recent media driven frenzy over John Edwards' bloggers. We all know the story, I just wanted to give an example that illustrates a possible source for any enmity the ladies may have for the Catholic Church, not to be confused in any way, shape, or form, with the Catholic Religion.

Seems the San Diego Diocese is contemplating chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the face of hundreds of lawsuits regarding priestly molestations allegedly enabled and covered up by the Church itself through agents like Bishop Brom.

From an institution that wants to take ultimate responsibility for the very fundamental essence of one’s being, that seems to be what they practice, not preach. And that could reasonably lead to some anger and disgust with open minded people like Amanda and Melissa.

“Just like (Brom is) hiding in the diocese today, that's what this threat of bankruptcy protection is all about – to protect him,” Grant said […]

“The true and only reason that Bishop Brom wishes to file bankruptcy is to stop the upcoming civil trials and end the continued inquiry into his own role in, and responsibility for, the scandal in San Diego,” attorney John Manly said in a statement.

Read the letter from one group of affected parties. They challenge the timing, the stated reasons, the secrecy and lack of dialogue, even as the Church ignores their pleas for resolution.

Maybe that's why people get so pissed off at the Catholic Church, not the Religion, because they DON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

And just because that Donohoe character heads an organization with the word Catholic in it, does not mean he represents the Catholic Church or the Catholic Religion. pity the Media can't seem to comprehend that, but you gets what you pays for.

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Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church in San Diego threatened it's own "Mission" when it allowed known pedophiles to be placed with children, years ago. Now they want to put the blame for their actions elsewhere. In essence blame shifting their role for this tragedy upon the perps, and the victims. Lets put the blame where it belongs, at the Bishops doorstep, where all these perps had to pass in order to gain access to gods most precious gift....our children.