Monday, February 19, 2007

The WaPo has this two part article on the consequences of Bush/Cheney's war, and even the headline writer seemed to be paying attention. The Hotel Aftermath is the second part, and just as tragic as the first part, and a bitter reminder, not of their incompetence so much, as how hideously this gang of cowardly men are serving us, with their delusions and ignorance and lust for power. I've said it before, I'll say it again, they aren't interested in doing a good job or serving the country, they are more interested in serving their master, mammon.

Maybe they've been taken over by a Yenaldlooshi, a Skinwalker, one who gain[s] power by killing a close relative [fellow Americans]... . They are known to desecrate sand paintings [art or beauty] by urinating, spitting, and defecating on them. They also practice cannibalism and necrophilia. Yenaldlooshi are also said to be able to create a pollen from ground human infant bones that when sprinkled on sleeping Navajo families, causes sickness, social problems, and death.

That sounds like them, maybe we need a hataalii to protect us from these creatures.

While Mologne House has a full bar, there is not one counselor or psychologist assigned there to assist soldiers and families in crisis -- an idea proposed by Walter Reed social workers but rejected by the military command that runs the post.

After a while, the bizarre becomes routine. On Friday nights, antiwar protesters stand outside the gates of Walter Reed holding signs that say "Love Troops, Hate War, Bring them Home Now." Inside the gates, doctors in white coats wait at the hospital entrance for the incoming bus full of newly wounded soldiers who've just landed at Andrews Air Force Base.

And set back from the gate, up on a hill, Mologne House, with a bowl of red apples on the front desk.

Who supports the troops, George?


iamcoyote said...

It's just sick, isn't it? And yes, we definitely need an exorcist!

I didn't know you visited Whiskey Fire, Duckman! Nice to see you there!

Duckman GR said...

I get around, I get around, I ride the link train
find all sorts of interesting places

Good people to meet, news to share
All thanks to Al Gore
for helping us get there!!!!