Monday, February 12, 2007

Twisted Police Action Threads

Explain to me why the White House has to have a top double secret backgrounder without attribution to show all of their ginned up evidence on Iranian culpability in IED's in Iraq, why the reporters accept it as business as usual, and why nobody can put their name to the evidence.

I mean, other than being a bunch of lies like the last time, why the secrecy? It makes no sense in a reality world, what's the angle for Cheney? How does this serve the perceptions of the public who do need some swaying at the moment just for the PR campaign.

Okay, I heard CNN say something about Iran helping al Queda which the reporter should have stated outright is a contradiction, should have pointed out that the Iranians, if they're helping anybody it's the Shia of al Maliki, that would be the same party that we're supporting as they purge Baghdad of Sunni's, so, in effect, we, the United States of America, are helping the Iranians kill our own troops to aid the party with the least ties to the damn terrorists we're supposed to be fighting.

Did I get that right?

Oh, and since when have they started investigating the bombs and bombing sites? And, how much of the explosives were actually from the stockpiles that we failed to secure in the first part of the invasion of Iraq?


iamcoyote said...

I noticed that Josh Marshall's still wondering when someone will talk about the Sunni/Shia discrepancy.

I think this shit was nothing more than a trial balloon, and distraction from the Libby trial, myself. It's become clear that the entire admin was in on the leak.

Duckman GR said...

Everything they do is a trial balloon distraction shoved up our collective asses while they busily prove the lack of utility of our government, even though it isn't the government, but the Bush administration and their wilfull derelictions in the name of privitazation.