Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Letter to No Point Broder

Atrios rightly crowns the frightened Dean Broder as wanker of the day for this pile, prompting a note to the useless Dean.

Mr. Broder,

A couple of things that I have to question about your recent column about the DNC meeting last week. What are trying to imply when you say this about John Edwards: "Edwards almost never mentions his own political history -- especially not his 2004 race as John Kerry's running mate."

Are you suggesting that there's something dirty there, something he needs to hide, what? Because that is the implication, otherwise there is no point including that line in your article, it holds no meaning except as a suggestion of things unsaid.

And what is the meaning of this line? "forgetting that few in this particular audience have much experience with, or sympathy for, the military."

That is a slanderous accuasation, a nasty slur on the patriotism of the Democratic Party and its membership, and I want a retraction from you, immediately.

How dare you. How many "Fighting Dems" ran for Congress this past election, many of whom won, I note? How many Democrats have served in the military, and how mnay members of the executive branch have done so? The Democrats are the party that wants to increase benefits and coverage for veterans, the party that wants to see our troops in the field properly equipped, the party that constantly proclaims their support for the troops, but not the mission foisted on them and us by this reckless administration.

I guess in your view wanting to pull our military out of the middle of a civil war, or whatever word you choose to describe it, of our own creation, in a war launched under false pretenses in a place unaffiliated to the threats we were facing at the time, a war whose conduct only proves the wrongness of President Bush's choices, I guess that makes the Democrats military bashers, right?

Better that they should sacrifice more of our military forces, people, you know, and capability to wage a hopeless and pointless war, heck, even to the point of expanding it to another place, much like the British did in their Gallipoli campaign in World War I, a hopeless and pointless meat grinder that cost the lives of thousands upon thousands of good men for no good reason.

Because that would clearly show the depth of our love and support for the military, right Mr. Broder?

Lastly, you say it's going to be great fun. I guess you think it's all a game, isn't that right Mr. Broder? Politics is just a board game to demonstrate who is the winner, the king of the hill, and never mind what's really at issue, the governance of this nation, the application of our resources to make this place a better home for all Americans and our guests and visitors.

I guess you have your piece of the pie, so you can play your games sans concern or humanity. That's pretty sick if you ask me. Maybe you need to retire and go play full time, since you don't seem to have much purpose in chronicling our political life.

And make sure you read what Oliver Willis says if you click through from Atrios' post. Because that is the truth, that crap is a bald headed lie.

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iamcoyote said...

Scum sucking bottom feeders! These Bush fellators need to be put out to pasture, the lot of them. I wish Jim Webb would go postal on them. Maybe Broder's pile o' shit should be emailed to Webb. Hmmm.