Wednesday, February 7, 2007

US Attorney Update-Can't Tell Ya

It's always amusing when a White House official explains one of their decisions. In this case I'm refering to the recent spate of US Attorney firings. Now, check out this explanation and let me know if it makes sense, please. My bolds.

A top Justice Department official acknowledged Tuesday that more than a half-dozen U.S. attorneys were fired in the last year, in some cases without cause, but denied Democrats' allegations that they were dismissed and replaced for political reasons.

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty defended the department's firing of seven U.S. attorneys since March, for reasons he would not divulge.

All the elements are there. Denial of the obvious, fired without cause, and remember, they've admitted that some of the changes were simply to give other people that notch on their resume, er, I mean, that experience, and the always popular, "I can't tell you, it's secret and would restrict the decision making ability and unfettered advice component required for the duly and proper exercise of the President's power to decide what's right for America."

Let's hope Sen. Feinstein pushes this issue.


iamcoyote said...

I'm glad Feinstein's on the issue. Let's hope she stays with it. McNulty's "answer" isn't an answer, it's a brushoff. It's pretty scary to me that our democracy is such a fragile thing. I've always believed it was so entrenched that it could withstand anything. Now, I'm not so sure. If an administration comes in and just arbitrarily changes the rules, and dares anyone to challenge it - then no one does! - we're in deep shit.

iamcoyote said...

Sorry about that, Duckman, I shouldn't have started a rant at TLC while responding to your post. It made you look connected. It just pisses me off that after all this time fending off the wingnut trolls from trashing the dems (who we all know are not perfect but are all we have at the moment), now we've got liberals trashing dems. It's just infuriating, especially when I'm cranky like today.