Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Observations

First, let me say that i enjoy football, the drama and the strategy, the way a battle of wills, yes, will, is played out in a competitive struggle. The moves a guy makes to break into the clear, the strength, the willingness to go all out to make a play, a clean, resounding hit, an acrobatic catch, yeah, it's all good.

I've seen some great players in my day, the Don Coryell Chargers, Marshall Faulk hitting a hole like nobody I've ever seen for the SDSU Aztecs, and it's been fun.

But, the commercialization, the militarism, the overt so-called patriotism, the fact that the Chargers owner is a huge Bush supporter, as are many in the NFL, takes away from the game. And this god display after tonights game sure didn't help me either.

God doesn't care about the Colts winning, how absurd. God doesn't care if the two head coaches were godly men of god fearing ways and christian thru and thru. God doesn't care if you took the Bears and the points either. Let's face it, the Bears lost because their QB wasn't very good, at all.

As for the commercials, the companies spend millions of dollars on the time, and sometimes they run the same old commercial which seems pretty smart business wise, others spend millions more on a new, expensive ad, and they're all pretty much crap. Shitty beer commercials for shitty beer, bizarre or absurd commercials for failing car companies, seems to me they would be better off investing that money in their employees and their products, instead of hawking a humongous new gas guzzling Ford F-450 truck.

Lastly, I found a whole new ton of respect for Prince. Why? First, he played the show his way, at the end he had that look that said he'd done his job as a pro, "here's how you perform, people," like he'd nailed the performance, which he did. I guess he can actually play the guitar and sing a song without being utterly self indulgent, or utterly manufactured like Janet Jackson or Timberlake.

And damn if he didn't give the FCC a great big FU, with a devils pointed tail to boot, an intelligent FU mind you, that clearly demonstrated how ridiculous the whole nipple outrage thing was. Kudos to Prince for that, and a nod to Peyton Manning, who seemed to avoid any reference to god in his post game talk, maybe he's not so bad after all.

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