Sunday, February 25, 2007

Al Gore's Truth

Just in case nobody noticed, Vice President Gore's movie won two Oscars, Best Documentary, and Best Song, "I Need to Wake Up."

I like what Ms. Etheridge had to say:

"Mostly I have to thank Al Gore for inspiring us, inspiring me and showing that caring about the Earth is not Republican or Democrat. It's not red or blue. We are all green. This is our job now, we can become the greatest generation, the generation that changed, the generation that woke up and did something and changed," she said.

Nice framing there, Melissa! And not bad for a freakin President, eh!

I finally watched the movie last weekend, a Christmas present for me and Ms. Duckman, and it's a great show. I thought it might make me angry and depressed, but no, it didn't at all. It truly motivates you, and that shows you how brilliant and effective the film is. It's not Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 911, another brilliant film, it's not political, it's reality, and it's not just about global warming, but it's about the journey of a man, a smart and warm human being who wants the world to be a better place and who knows that if we don't start working on Global Warming its not going to be a better place. And that's why it won an Oscar. Because the artist, a politician remember, shines through the film. It's personal and it's informative, alarming and devastating in it's condemnations, but Al Gore's hope moves throughout the movie.

Some of the scenes in the film that hit me the most were of Al Gore trudging through the airport, of him talking about the road he's been on. You can see in his words and voice how he's been through the mill, cast aside, purged by the hip and slick and oh so comfortable elites, and emerged stronger, and determined to ignore the bleatings of the David Broders of the world, disregard the deluded ravings of the frightened Cheney's of the world, and focus on something that really matters, something that affects every person on this planet.

Congratulations to all those involved in the movie, it may be the best thing any politician has ever done for their country.

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