Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ahhhhh, Democrats

Was reading this miserable AP article when this line jumped up at me.

"Iraq is going to be there — it's just a question of when we get back to it," [Senate Majority Leader] Reid said.

That is about as inept a statement as any Democrat could make, and hopefully it doesn't gain much traction (I don't think my 3 readers will help much), but really, Harry, that shows a very tin ear.

I don't subscribe to the Dems are just as bad as Goppers, that they're in cahoots, bought and paid for, and so on. I do think they suffer from being on the inside too much to see the problems, and their corrective steps. Which is why I think we need to get on their cases, call and write them, as opposed to throwing them in with the republicans, since, that's what the gop wants us to do in the first place.

Look Harry, they own the media, and the media bleats what the gop tells them to bleat, and there's no changing that. The thing to remember though, is that the voters don't give a rat's ass about what the media says. We want us out of that hell hole in Iraq NOW, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, Harry, not later.

Look people, this is how the Democrats operate when you get more than a couple together. They dither and consider everybodies concerns, worry about what people will say, how things will appear blah blah blah. Christ on a nitro fueled pogo stick, somebody needs to step up and start driving this bus BEFORE it goes over the cliff already. Please, I'm beggin ya.


Anonymous said...

One of your readers here, ... from all the way over in Encinitas. I think the Dems are trapped in the game, and it can be seen that we have lost 8=10 PR points just losing the non-binder. The Repugs play the game better. People aren't that smart if they want to believe.
Let it stink for a while.
Just like bush, no impeachment, just white house lawn chocolate. Throw bills at him, let him explain his vetoes. Spotlight his signing statements. Throw the spotlight on the stinking pile of bush.

iamcoyote said...

Your other reader here! Sorry I've been gone.

Yeah, I saw Reid's statement and thought "Please tell me he didn't say that!" And then Feingold goes out and says the Dems' proposal reads "like a new authorization of war."

Come on, people! Talk to each other, work together, would ya? There's no time to jockey for position now. At least have the good sense to create the proper narrative, for frak's sake. Why do they always have to revert to the old ways?

Duckman GR said...

You're both right, of course, all my readers being smart and all, I just heard some comments from Speaker Pelosi along the lines of 'we hope he'll pay attention to this' whatever it was, and I could only ask, why would you think that?

I suppose, now that they are in the majority, they need to set up these ducks (ah, the sacrifices we fowl make!) for bush to shoot down so that the American People actually see it happening this time, but, the Democrats are really losing ground on public perceptions if they keep voting Bush's way. If this supplemental passes unanamously all the public will see is the Democrats in full support of Bush, if there is a large number of votes in opposition, or even if they defeat a first version in the House before compromising on something similar, the public sees not a lack of support for the troops but a lack of support for Bush. If they all vote for it, then later oppose Bush, the perception will be, "WELL, WHY DID THEY VOTE FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?" Get some no votes there and you deflect that argument.

MD Dem said...

I'm finding myself intolerant of statements like the one Reid made. The election should have told ALL of the Senate and House something. If it didn't, then each individual state should be putting their representatives on notice that the next election where they are up for re-election will be their homecoming unless they start acting in line with the will of their constituents. I would doubt they want that to happen.